Owner Occupied Home Loan

Our Owner Occupied home loan is ideal for people who want a cheap home loan but with all the benefits.

Canstar Outstanding Value,Home LenderCanstar Outstanding Value, Variable Home Lender

Rates From:

3.54% 3.94% 3.94% 3.94% 3.94% 4.14% 4.34%

3.79% 4.19% 4.19% 4.19% 4.19% 4.39% 4.59%

Interest rate p.a.1

3.58% 3.62% 3.62% 3.65% 3.68% 3.78% 3.91%

3.83% 3.87% 3.87% 3.90% 3.93% 4.03% 4.16%

Comparison rate p.a.1


Repayment Method

Principal and Interest Interest Only

Rate Type

Variable Fixed

Loan Term

1 2 3 4 5

Variable Owner Occupied Home Loan

Fixed Owner Occupied Home Loan

  • Maximum LVR of 80%
  • Extra repayments of $20,000 per annum

Key Features

Variable Rate Fixed Rate
Offset Account
Redraw Facility
Repayments (W, F, M) (W,F,M) (W,F,M)
Split Accounts
Extra Repayments Max $20,000 pa
Debit ATM Card
Internet Banking

Loan Setup Fees

Variable Rate Fixed Rate
Application Fee $0 $0
Valuation Fee $303.082 $303.082
Legal Documentation Fee $3302,3 $3302,3
Fixed Rate Lock In fee (optional) $395


Variable Rate Fixed Rate
Monthly Fee $0 $0
Annual Fee $0 $0
Discharge Fee $535 $535

1 Rates shown apply to new loans only and may change at any time. Existing borrowers may have different interest rates which depended on the rate offered to the borrower at the date when a home loan settled and any reductions or increases the lender decided to make on the existing loan over time. Accordingly, there is not one standard variable rate that applies to all Homestar home loans and existing customers can confirm their current rate (s) by logging in to internet banking or by contacting customer service.
Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
Comparison rates are based on a basic Homestar loan, on a $150,000 loan amount over 25 years.

2 Third Party Costs: cost/s incurred by services provider/s external to Origin Mortgage Management Services and will vary depending on the nature of the service and request. These cost/s are passed on directly to the applicant/s.

3 Disbursements payable.