About Us

Who are our strategic partners?

Homestar Finance has a strategic alliance with Origin Mortgage Management Services (Origin MMS). Origin MMS was previously part of the ANZ Group as a wholesale distributor of residential mortgages. They are one of the oldest non-bank lenders nationwide, having funded more than 8 billion dollars’ worth of property to date. They also provide ‘third party’ branded funding and lending systems support for a group of accredited Mortgage Managers across Australia.

About Us

Since 2004 Homestar Finance has been providing people with affordable home loans. We have built a strong reputation over the years with several major funders within the Australian and Overseas mortgage market. This has allowed us to gain access to wholesale funding at very competitive rates.

We do not have branches nor do we deal with brokers. This means we can put more effort into providing better rates, creating flexible products and looking after people who are interested in our services.

What we do

Provide great products – as an online lender we utilise our relationships with major wholesale funders to provide award-winning products that are not just competitive but are market leading as well.

Guide you through the loan process – our Home Loan Specialists are experienced and will ensure everything runs smoothly from application to settlement.

Provide ongoing customer service – once your home loan settles our Customer Service team are here to help you through the entire term.

How do we deal with clients?

Primarily through the phone and email. Our Home Loan Specialists are based in our Sydney Head Office and can help answer your questions. In general, we do not offer face-to-face appointments because this would significantly add to the cost of providing you with your loan. We would need to pass this cost on to you in the form of higher interest rates or fees.