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Explore our range of articles to guide your journey as a home buyer or investor

Our goal is to help every home buyer or investor find their perfect match.
We’re here to share the best advice and tips on everything you need to know before buying a home.

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Explore our blog library

We’ve got you covered when it comes to home buying, with a variety of articles on what tips and tricks to look out for.



Whether you’re looking to refinance your existing home loan or looking to switch to another home loan provider, there’s always something more to know.

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First home buyer

Being a first-time home buyer can feel daunting at times. We’ve guided thousands of home buyers like yourself through the process.

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Property investor

Taking a long-term perspective to manage your money is key to gaining a high yield on your investment. Our experts share their knowledge with you.

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Market insights & general interest

The Aussie dream is to own a home, and if possible, maybe two for added financial security. With interest rate moves and market fluctuations, we cover the latest news.

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Being a home loan provider means that we are constantly evolving and adjusting to the market and consumer needs. This is where you can discover a bit more about us and what we are doing to help you as a property owner.

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We’ll keep you informed of our latest interest rates, helpful information when it comes to finding the best home loan, knowing what’s happening in the property market, and general interest information to guide you on your property investment journey.

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