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Loan Repayment Calculator

When searching for your ideal home loan it is important to calculate your mortgage repayment amounts to assess whether it fits your financial circumstances. This Loan Repayment Calculator can help you calculate your monthly loan repayment amounts.

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Understanding all the government costs on a property transaction is important and it can vary from state to state, factors like the value of the property, if it is your primary residence and your residency status can all influence this. Use this calculator to help you get an understanding of the costs involved for you.

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Loan Comparison

If you can’t decide between 2 loans you are looking at for making a purchase, compare them side by side. See which one will be right for you. This calculator is particularly useful for when products have an intro rate, or a fixed rate moving to a variable rate.

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Mortgage Switching Calculator

Making the decision to refinance to a cheaper home loan rate can be one the best decision you will make to save you money. But to fully understand the savings over the life time of the loan you need to compare the 2 loans factoring in all fees involved.

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Extra Repayments Calculator

This Extra Repayments Calculator can show you how much you can save by making extra loan repayments. Making additional mortgage repayments can reduce your loan term and help you save.

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Borrowing Power Calculator

Calculate your borrowing power at an early stage to customise your search for a property that you like and can afford. Our Borrowing Power Calculator can calculate the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow.

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Home Loan Offset Calculator

This Home Loan Offset Calculator can show you how much you can save with an Offset account. Find out how much interest and time you can save by depositing money into the mortgage offset facility.

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