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    Using your self-managed super fund (SMSF) to get into the property investment market can provide you with numerous benefits.
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    Star Blue fees

    Annual fee $0.003,4 (Refinance Special only)
    Lenders legals $5953,4
    Valuation $244.203,4
    Over $1m will be at cost
    Lenders protection fee
    Speak with your loan specialist to see if this applies
    May apply depending on LVR and security type
    Discharge fee $2,200 (waived if loan goes full term)5
    Fixed rate lock fee (optional) $4953,4

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    Take control of your retirement planning and meet your investment property goals. Switch to a self-managed super fund, and leverage your funds with an SMSF loan.

    What is a self managed super fund (SMSF) loan?

    A self-managed super fund (SMSF) loan or Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) is a loan tailored to those that have a self-managed super fund, for the purpose of purchasing a residential or commercial investment property. Many Australians are making the switch to an SMSF, in order to procure these loans and leverage their funds to reach their investing goals.

    SMSF loan types

    There are two main SMSF loan types:

    • Residential property SMSF loans
    • Commercial property SMSF loans

    These two loan types both have fees (application and ongoing), interest rates and loan to value ratios that are catered toward your personal financial capacity.

    At Homestar Finance, there are a few different ways your SMSF loan can work. While the basic structure of your SMSF loan is pretty rigid, the way you schedule repayments, your income source and your refinancing options can differ depending on your financial situation.

    For example, your repayments can be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and additional repayments are unlimited.

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    The best way to learn more about the types and structures of SMSF loans offered at Homestar Finance is to speak with one of our home loan specialists. You can also take a look at our Star Blue SMSF brochure for more information.

    How do SMSF loans work?

    A SMSF loan allows SMSF trustees to borrow money for the purchase of an investment property that they may not have the financial capacity to buy outright through their SMSF. The purchased property, either residential or commercial, is then held in a separate custodian trust until the loan is repaid. After repayment, the SMSF acquires the deed title.

    Throughout the life of the loan, the trustees of the SMSF are enabled to have beneficial interest in the investment property. This means that any income generated is re-invested into the self-managed super fund to repay the SMSF loan. Generated income may also be used to increase the loan’s value.

    How much can I get from a SMSF loan?

    At Homestar Finance, we know that everyone’s circumstances are different. The best way to work out how much you can borrow with an SMSF loan is to get in touch with one of our loan specialists. We currently offer loans up to a maximum of $2,500,000 and a 80% LVR, but consulting with a home loan specialist will help you with your personalised interest rates and LVR.

    How do I apply for a SMSF loan?

    Applying for an SMSF loan can often be confusing and difficult to understand. First, you have to have an existing self-managed super fund structure, or be in the process of creating one. There are quite a few strict requirements when it comes to getting an SMSF loan under Australian superannuation law. You will often have to establish a separate trust to hold the property. There are also quite a few documents you will need to apply for an SMSF loan, including:

    • Certified copy of the SMSF Trust Deed
    • Certified copy of Custodian Trust Deed
    • Financial information to ensure serviceability (e.g. SMSF bank statements)
    • Full copy of contract of sale
    man signing contract

    If you are thinking of refinancing your SMSF loan, find out more about our SMSF refinance application process. Want to find out more about applying? Get in touch with one of our loan specialists for an easy and simple process.

    Once approved and settled, you will have easy to use online access allowing you to check balances, transfer extra funds into and out of your offset account, and more. We also have a dedicated customer service team and loan specialists who are there to help you out when you need it.

    SMSF loan eligibility and requirements

    Eligibility is fairly straightforward when it comes to an SMSF loan. You need to either:

    Already have an already existing SMSF structure in place
    Be in the process of creating an SMSF structure.

    You must also be looking into investing into a commercial or residential property to be able to qualify for an SMSF loan, and other requirements (such as liquidity requirements) may apply. Overall, getting a Homestar Finance SMSF loan should be as easy as pie – get in touch with one of our home loan specialists today to find out more.

    Can I refinance with a SMSF loan?

    Refinancing may be a worthwhile option for those that chose to take out an SMSF loan when interest rates were higher or if your current financial situation has changed. Refinancing is something that should be discussed with our professional home loan specialists, who will guide you toward the best option for your personal circumstances.

    Check out our SMSF easy refinance process to find out more.

    Understanding more about SMSF home loans

    What does SMSF stand for?

    Self Managed Super Fund

    What is a SMSF?

    As the name suggests it is a super fund, but unlike your traditional super fund this one puts you in the drivers seat. It will allow you to have up to 4 members, and all 4 members have control on how the funds are invested.

    What type of property investments can my SMSF apply for?

    You can invest in new or established residential real estate. The property must be completed, no construction is available under this product.

    How do I go about applying for a SMSF Loan?

    Once you have your SMSF set up the home loan is easy, the process does not differ greatly from a standard home loan. Once approved and settled you will have easy to use online access to check balances, transfer extra funds into and out of your offset account etc. We also have a dedicated customer service team to also help you out. (and they answer the phone quickly)

    How much can I borrow?

    Everyone’s circumstances are different so it is best to consult with a home loan specialist to answer this question, but we do offer loans up to a maximum of $2,500,000 and a 80% LVR, but your loan specialist will guide you on interest rates and LVR’s.

    Can I build my dream home or can I live in the home I purchase?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer construction loans under the Star Blue SMSF loan, nor can you invest in vacant land. The loan must be on an established dwelling that is producing income so you also can not live in the property.

    My SMSF has only just been set up, is that ok?

    Yes that’s fine, we will just need a letter from your accountant advising what the ongoing costs of the SMSF will be.

    If I am making a purchase is the contract of sale ok to be in my personal name?

    If you are making a purchase using your SMSF fund then the you need to ensure that the Bare Trust is noted as the purchaser.

    Can I purchase a NDIS property?

    Yes this is an option, when speaking with your loan specialist they will be able to guide you on this.

    What is limited recourse borrowing?

    A Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) involves a self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustee choosing to take out a loan from a third-party lender. The SMSF trustee can then use those acquired funds to purchase a single (or collection of identical) assets to be held in a separate trust.

    How do I set up a self managed super fund?

    A SMSF requires you to be in control of your own super fund, with the option of having up to 4 members contribute and manage how the fund is invested. Setting up your SMSF can be done in a number of ways, but it is recommended that you visit the ATO website to work through your best options. Consulting with our customer support team here at Homestar Finance is a great way to lead you in the right direction.

    What are the rules for self managed super funds?

    An SMSF must have 4 or less members. If you are a member, you’re also a trustee, meaning that you are in control of how funds are invested. If there is more than one trustee in a SMSF, you should be acting in everyone’s best interest when managing funds and making investment choices.

    Is an SMSF right for me?

    Choosing a super-fund is different for everyone. If you prefer controlling how your super fund is invested, and managing your own trust, then an SMSF may be right for you. If an SMSF loan is something you would like to consider when investing, setting up an SMSF is the best (and only!) option. Have a chat with our home loan specialists to learn more about whether your current financial situation is right for an SMSF loan.

    Can I use my super as security for a loan?

    Yes you can! However, you cannot use all of your super as security for a loan because you must leave a buffer to protect your remaining assets. While this may limit your borrowing power or the size of your loan, it is best to keep safe and secure when investing.

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    1 Rates shown apply to new eligible SMSF home loans only, up to 70% LVR, loan amount minimum of $150,000 up to max of $2,000,000 and at least one applicant is on PAYG employment. Rates are subject to change without notice. Existing borrowers may have different interest rates which are dependent on the rate offered to the borrower at the date when a home loan settled and any reductions or increases the lender decided to make on the existing loan over time. Accordingly, there is not one standard variable rate that applies to all Homestar home loans and existing customers can confirm their current rate(s) by logging in to internet banking or by contacting customer service. Terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria apply.

    2 Comparison rates are based on a basic Homestar Finance loan, on a $150,000 loan amount over 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

    3Third party cost(s) incurred by service provider(s) are payable and may vary or increase depending on the service provider, nature of the service and request. Any additional cost(s) are passed on directly to the applicants(s). If there is a variation or an increase, a separate quote will be provided.

    4Disbursements payable.

    5Discharge fee is waived if loan reaches full term as per the loan agreement.

    6This is a limited time special for SMSF loans that are refinancing to Homestar Finance, and are not already part of the Origin Mortgage Management Services

    *Customers should obtain their own independent legal, financial advice on compliance with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993

    Other fees and charges may apply.

    DISCLAIMER: Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply to all our loan products and features. Fees, charges and disbursements are payable. Final approval is subject to credit assessment. Information valid as at 15th November 2023 which is subject to change without notice. Please consider if the product is appropriate for your individual circumstances. If you need assistance or have any questions about a product or feature and its suitability, please contact our Loan Specialists.

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