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We sat down with Georgie to find out about her experience with Homestar Finance as well as her advice to all the prospective borrowers in the market.

What do you love about your job?

When I am putting an application through, I am making someone else’s life financially better. A home loan is the biggest debt that anyone can have, and to be able to guide someone through this process and give them a better option is something I find incredibly fulfilling.
I have extensive experience working for banks however I moved into the online space simply because it’s the way for the future. People are moving to the online space to find better, cheaper home loan products that can be processed and approved with less hassle.

What do you find challenging about your job?

The most challenging part of my role is convincing customers that it is worthwhile to make the switch. We do get customers that are extremely loyal to their banks even though this loyalty is not being reciprocated with a good quality loan product and excellent customer service. Many customers are too scared to take that step and switch lenders they have been with for so long. There are many banks that are extremely reactive with how they treat dissatisfied customers, and they lack the personal touch that many online lenders can give.

What advice do you have for those looking to refinance?

It is important to not look at only the rates- you should always look at the fees, product features and customer reviews for any home loan product you are interested in. It’s also important to be clear about what you want in your home loan, and to seek advice and investigate. Also, do not rush into applying for a home loan- take your time to properly research the market and make an informed decision.

What do you find special about Homestar Finance?

Homestar Finance is an award winning company that offers very competitive rates in the market. They are also very agile and flexible to market changes so their product development process is very efficient relative to its competitors. Homestar Finance have an in-house credit processing team to accelerate the loan application process.

Which Homestar Finance product do you recommend? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend the Refinance Owner Occupied Special! It has an interest rate of only 3.44% and a comparison rate of 3.45%, and is definitely one of the most competitive home loan products in Australia right now. There are also no annual and monthly fees with the product.

What do you think are common misconceptions people have when searching for a home loan?

The most common misconception I get from customers is that every lender is out there to get them, and that we are salespeople who are driven by money and commission. Having worked in the industry for so long, I enjoy what I do because of how I can change the financial situation for my customers. The trust factor is also a common misconception many people get. We only operate online and people question the credibility of the brand. We have an Australian Credit Licence and we are regulated just like every other financial institution on the market.