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Thinking about getting a new home, refinancing, upgrading or obtaining an investment property? It’s time to crunch the numbers and save yourself thousands in interest repayments and fees.

Homestar makes property ownership faster and easier for Australian home buyers with very competitive rates, unrivalled personalised service, and easy-to-use home loan calculators that lets you calculate your mortgage repayments and understand your financial situation better.
We’ll show you in black and white how you can get a better deal, not a one-size-fits-all, inflated interest rate that will sink your dreams of home ownership.


Know how much money you have to buy a home

Use Homestar’s Borrowing Power Calculator to see exactly how much you can afford to borrow.
It will empower you to go house hunting for your first home, your forever home, or an investment property, in a booming property market.
It considers income for one or two people, car loan repayments, credit card limits and other expenses to calculate the indicative amount you are eligible to borrow.


Get the lowest mortgage repayments

Working out your principal and interest or interest only repayments will give you confidence that your mortgage will fit into your lifestyle.
Homestar’s Loan Repayment Calculator shows weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments as well as total payments over the term of the loan. If you make monthly repayments, you are making 12 payments a year, or twice monthly is 24 payments, but by paying fortnightly, it ends up being 26 payments a year, which is an easy way to get you ahead without really noticing.
Of course, it helps that Homestar has some of the most competitive rates on the market, so you can enjoy exceptional value from a lender who believes in personalised service and a great mortgage deal for all its customers.


Calculate a loan switch 

If you think you’re getting a better home loan rate or product elsewhere, we’re pretty sure we can surprise you.
Homestar’s Loan Comparison Calculator is smart enough to compare upfront fees, ongoing monthly fees, the introductory rate and term and the ongoing rate on two loans, side by side, so you can see how much money you can potentially save with one of our market-leading home loans.
You can also use our Mortgage Switching Calculator to see the savings you can make on repayments and fees over the lifetime of your loan.


Check our expert guide to property fees

Finance or refinance an Australian property with a big bank and the combination of an inflated interest rate, establishment costs and government fees can leave you seriously out of pocket.
Our team live and breathe home loans so, after they’ve sorted out the best rates and home loan to suit you, they use their specialised knowledge to answer all your questions about other costs you need to consider.
Or you can jump onto Homestar’s Stamp Duty Calculator and quickly see how much an established home, new home, or vacant land will cost you in government fees, including stamp duty, mortgage registration and transfer fee.


Get ahead on your home loan 

If you want to know what difference paying an extra $50, $100 or even $500 on your loan each week, fortnight, or month, would make to your dream of owning an Australian property sooner, Homestar’s extra repayments calculator can show you.
Our Home Loan Offset Calculator can also calculate how much interest you can save by depositing your money into an offset facility.
Homestar’s home loan calculators put the power in your hands, giving you the numbers you need at your fingertips for faster, easier property ownership for all Australians.

DISCLAIMER: Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply to all our loan products and features. Fees, charges and disbursements are payable.

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